Construction Supervision of Mass Transit System Project in Bangkok (Red Line) Bang Sue-Rangsit Section
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          The development of the Rail Mass Train System is an effective measure for solving the chronic congested traffic in Bangkok and its perimeters. The State Railway of Thailand (SRT), one of the entities actively involved in the development of rail transport network, has launched the construction of the Commuter Train System (Red Line) as the key connection between the CBD and the four compass points of suburban areas.



          The Red Line Commuter Train (Bang Sue-Rangsit Section) is a project under the Mass Rapid Transit Master Plan in Bangkok Metropolitan Region (M-MAP) approved by the Cabinet on 22 May 2007 with a budget allocation of 59,888 million baht and a loan granted by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). From bidding, Contracts I and II are the responsibility of two civil work contractors tasked with the construction supervision and project management consultancies. The project was launched on 4 March 2013, and will take a total period of four years.

          Commuter Train System (Red Line) with state-of-the-art electric trains is destined to provide excellent services to passengers in a fast, safe and timely manner. Designed to serve passengers more efficiently, the Commuter Train System will not only facilitate development in suburban zones, but also mitigate the density of urban fabric.

โครงการระบบรถไฟชานเมือง (สายสีแดง) ช่วงบางซื้อ-รังสิต